Monday, April 25, 2011

Florida's Jenkins popped for marijuana...again

I really don’t care either way.

If potheads want to “toke Buddha,” then be my guest.

I’m not one to judge.

If degenerates want to get baked and devour Fritos on a daily basis, then more power to them.

I’m not one to judge.

If smoking chronic and taking huge riffs of ganja from a glass tube all while sitting on your couch, waiting for Billy Madison's penguin to walk through the door, makes life a little easier, then have at it.

Seriously, I’m not one to judge because I don’t care.

This has nothing to do with marijuana.

This isn’t a rant or a diatribe on the legalization of weed, nor is it a political stance on how legalizing it would contribute to reviving the United States and pull the country out of its current depression.

This has everything to do with the sheer stupidity of one college athlete – namely Florida’s cornerback Janoris Jenkins.

Jenkins has been arrested twice this year for possession of marijuana and three times since 2009.

Will Muschamp will have his first real test as the Gator’s new head football coach.

So what does Florida do with Jenkins?

The senior passed up millions in potential first round money to come back and finish out his college career at Florida – a decision many, including myself, questioned.

Jenkins clearly has a problem. Get busted for marijuana once and it’s funny. Laugh it off. The majority of college kids smoke.

Popped twice and now it’s not as funny and becoming borderline problematic.

Three times and the student-athlete is a concern, and a distraction to a team that’s attempting to alienate the stigma that has haunted Florida since Urban Meyer’s reign.

Muschamp has an overwhelming decision to make: Set precedence and an example by kicking the best player off of his team or allow him yet another chance to rectify his actions.

Why do I have a distinct feeling it’ll be the latter?

Now, I said this blog wasn’t about ripping on potheads, and I’m not. I will; however, crack on a football player that doesn’t adhere to the law and is a habitual offender.

See what I wrote there: “Adhere to the law.”

I don’t care if smoking pot has never assisted in a deadly crime, which I’m sure it has. I don’t care if reefer has never transformed mild-mannered guys into rowdy hooligans.

The fact of the matter is the possession of marijuana is ILLEGAL.

Spare me the lecture about how smoking pot comes from the earth and should be legalized. Until I see a slew of Phish fans openly walking down the street with a joint and chatting it up with a police officer, rules have to be followed.

And for some odd reason Janoris Jenkins, the gifted Florida athlete that gave up millions to take one more run at a National Title, can’t put the dutchie down.

Then again, what do I know? I don’t smoke, and I’m not a future multimillionaire.

I’m not one to judge.

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Anonymous said...

You have to kick him off the team, if he is found guilty. I'm not even sure that Janoris is asking to have his spot on the roster back at this point. I'm pretty sure that he is sick of the Gainesville Police. The team gave him the coveted #1 jersey too, that use to belong to Percy.

I'm not making excuses but UF doesn't recruit future doctors to play football. Those kinds of teams don't win. Ask Notre Dame.