Monday, April 25, 2011

Bucs to release Talib

What do the Buccaneers do with troubled cornerback Aqib Talib?

There’s no doubt that the former first rounder has Pro Bowl talent, and I would argue that Talib is the second best player on Tampa’s current roster – the first being Josh Freeman – but where does the Buccaneer organization draw the line?

Last March, Talib had a warrant out for his arrest in Garland, Texas after being accused of “pistol-whipping” his sister’s boyfriend and allegedly firing the gun in the boyfriend’s direction.

Talib turned himself into authorities and was released on a $25,000 bond.

Before this incident, Talib got into a fistfight with then fellow teammate Cory Boyd at the NFL’s Rookie Symposium back in 2008.

Talib followed that dustup by fighting Pro Bowl left tackle Donald Penn during OTAs in 2009.

And finally, the infamous cab fight in August of 2009 where Talib allegedly hit a taxi driver in the right ear. He was suspended for one game.

GM Mark Dominik has had enough.

According to Rick Stroud of the St. Petersburg Times, the Buccaneers plan to release Talib once the new CBA is in place. The lockout prevents the organization from doing anything at the present time.

I love playing Devil’s Advocate. It’s just my thing…

What has Aqib Talib done other than getting into a few minor fights?

What happens if Talib is exonerated of all charges? What do you say if we discover that Talib was defending his sister when the assault occured?

I ask because if the Buccaneers release him he will go to a team that needs cornerback help in the worst way. Namely New Orleans or Atlanta.

Can you imagine Talib lining up against Bucs’ wide receiver Mike Williams? Who would get the better of that matchup? Williams is solid, but my money’s on Talib.

I’m all for allowing the justice system to work itself out and give Talib his due process. I was under the assumption that being “innocent until proven guilty” still applies in this country. In the NFL it’s the other way around.

Every organization is so afraid of Sheriff Goodell that they’d rather jump the gun and react hastily then come to a logical conclusion. Allow the courts to decide his outcome and then the Buccaneers can determine what do to.

The lockout may be a blessing in disguise for Tampa when deciding Talib’s fate. Considering they can’t do a single thing until a negotiation is reached between the owners and the *NFLPA, this may give the organization some time to rethink their position with Talib.

If he’s found guilty of all charges then he goes to jail and the organization looks smart.

If Talib walks and is released, he’ll make Tampa Bay realize the mistake they committed by signing with an NFC South squad. That’s the kind of guy he is.

The Buccaneers are in a lose-lose situation. No good can come of this. And before people reply with, “Yeah, what about Nnamdi Asomugha?”

Sorry to say it, but the Glazers haven’t spent money in a long time and they’re not about to sign the most sought after free agent in the current market.

It’s not going to happen.

I say let the authorities work it out and base a decision off of their verdict. If Talib is going to get kicked off of the team for one isolated incident then might as well start sending other players packing.

Three fights and a monumental mistake should not equal dismissal.

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Ryan said...

Good article. I think that the hush-hush incident in London when Talib went crazy on Raheem at the team hotel after he missed curfew (probably drunk) is another reason they are dumping him. As far as nnamdi goes, he is going to be 30 soon. Not much of a long-term answer there.