Friday, August 20, 2010

Top Athlete Picks 'Noles, Nerds Meltdown

James Wilder Jr., son of legendary Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back James Wilder, is considered one of the nations top high school football recruits. Hailing from Tampa Plant High School in Tampa, Florida, Wilder has over 80 offers from FBS programs – formerly D1 – and narrowed his extensive list to Georgia, Florida, and Florida State. After his LeBron-esque live TV announcement, the talented athlete chose the Garnet and Gold as his destination next fall. It’s only a verbal commitment and certainly nothing’s set in stone until National Signing Day in February, but I wish this young man the best.

As over the top and ridiculous as the announcement proceedings were, even more absurd was how the fans handled the release. Message board users all over the Internet went ballistic after hearing Wilder’s choice and what ensued was a melee of numerous “Message Board” guy’s. Oh, we all know “Message Board” guy and his extensive knowledge of anything and everything in all facets of football, and in life. If you want a better understanding of “Message Board” guy click here.

Seconds after Wilder threw his FSU hat on, Florida State fans invaded Gator sites with garbage like, “Look who we got!” and “Suck it, Gates!” Okay, I’m slightly exaggerating, but I’m not. What in the world are ‘Nole fans thinking? Because they got themselves a top prospect it allows them to peacock and act like idiots? That’s the beauty of message boards. Total anonymity and the user can transform into their loser, alter-ego without sacrificing their true, loser self. It gets better.

Gator fans then have to react and return fire with gems like, “I hope he enjoys losing every year” and my personal favorite, “I hope he breaks [whatever appendage].” Stay classy, Florida fan.

And before you come at me with, “What, I don’t get an opinion?” Have one all you want, but you lose all credibility and respect the moment you wish ill-will on an amateur athlete. Not that anyone that posts on the Internet cares anyway. It’s all about who can one up the next jerk.

I really don’t have issues with guys acting like complete tools via the Internet. I think some of it is hilarious, but I also think it’s a bit cowardly and completely low-class to not only call out other users, but to rip on kids. 17- to 18-year old kids, mind you. But hey, every fan base has them and no one’s perfect.

Stick to Star Wars and arguing over who’s stronger, Frodo or Willow. Dorks.

Good luck to Wilder at FSU.


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BertReed4GreatestPlayerEver said...

Thats stupid, Frodo is obviously stronger. "Bring me some water PECK!"