Wednesday, August 4, 2010

FSU's Carr Needs To Go

If you haven’t heard by now, Florida State linebacker Nigel Carr was arrested on multiple felony accounts including grand theft auto and felony fraud. Carr was one of FSU’s most dependable linebackers, especially towards the end of the ’09 season, but it seems that his tenure as a Seminole is over. Or is it?

New head coach Jimbo Fisher has currently placed Carr under the - oh so vague -“suspended indefinitely” tag and he’s awaiting for Carr’s trial to be finalized before he gets the final say. Carr has actually pleaded not guilty to his five counts, which is a pretty smart move on his part (or his lawyer’s, whichever) considering there is a substantial amount of evidence against Carr. (Seriously, kid…what’re are you thinking?) I really shouldn’t be surprised because this has been a Florida State m.o. for decades, but this was supposed to change under Fisher who has a tighter grip and clearer understanding of today’s student-athlete.

Coach Fisher needs to set precedence immediately by releasing Carr of his scholarship and sending him away. Carr will be fine going to a smaller school and becoming a D-2 superstar like every other Seminole that has been booted the last several years. Fisher needs his current and future players to understand that the days of bone-headed pranks and acts are over and there will be zero tolerance. Carr was a highly recruited young man and he still may have a bright future ahead of him, but it can’t be at FSU. Keeping him on the team is only going to undermine Jimbo’s authority and the echoed words of one Bobby Bowden’s, “Boys will be boys” will forever haunt Fisher while he’s in charge.

Make an example and kick Carr out of school and allow him to feel what it is to be an adult with responsibilities and that for every action there is a reaction. I get kids do stupid things and everyone deserves a second chance, but Florida State’s boosters and fans ought to be getting a bit sick of this swan song stuck on repeat. We might’ve committed just as many brainless exploits when we were in college, but we’re not under a microscope and we’re certainly not set to the high standards of these student-athletes.

Do the right thing Jimbo or else you’ll soon be forever known as just another coach that harbors criminals in the State of Florida.

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