Saturday, August 7, 2010

Chris Rainey: Ultimate Bonehead

University of Florida wide receiver Chris Rainey has a loaded, loud mouth and he isn’t afraid to use it. The former running back, turned wide out has been reprimanded by Urban Meyer on multiple occasions. As a matter of fact, Meyer has told Rainey that he expects the senior to think about his answers 24-hours in advance before ever addressing himself, his coaches, teammates, and most importantly the media. Well, Rainey decided to ignore his coach’s warning and dropped a major bomb. “I guess we got rid of the prima donnas – all the selfish cats” said Rainey during one of the Gators summer practices, according to the Miami Herald. Bone. Head.

Mr. Rainey, exactly whom do you speak of? Is it your All-American middle linebacker that was the backbone to a dominating defense last season? How about a reliable tight end that bailed the offense out week after week? Or - and the thought is repulsive – is it one super athlete that won a Heisman trophy and is cherished by Gator Nation? No…No!

I don’t care who he’s referring too. Chris Rainey might be one of the dumbest young men to ever get in front of a microphone. Way to keep team morale together, Rainey. Terrell Owens thinks you said something overboard. And this isn’t the first time Rainey has been caught with questionable quotes. As a senior at Lakeland High School, he talked about how people in Lakeland just give him money and gifts all of the time, which is a huge recruiting and NCAA violation. It led to his now famous statement, “Damn, I’m glad I’m Chris Rainey.” He later retracted his statement at the advice of his head coach. Rainey went off again his freshman year at UF and I quote, “I’m a white woman man” in reference to all the attractive co-eds he sees on a daily basis. Good for you, Chris. Just don’t pull a Travis Henry, big guy.

This isn’t the first time a Gator player has said something controversial this year. Google Deonte Thompson and, “You know, a real quarterback” and enjoy that melee.

When is Urban Meyer going to be held accountable and responsible for what his players say to the media? That’s the popular question now in the college football world. When are the coaches accountable? Turning a blind eye and saying, “I didn’t know” is not going to cut it anymore.

So, Mr. Rainey, enjoy your senior season at UF. Just remember to learn from your adoptive brother, and former teammate, Maurkice Pouncey and don’t accept $100 grand from an agent…allegedly. Make sure you use good judgment when speaking to a beautiful co-ed, regardless of skin tone. And most importantly, never, and I mean never tell anyone who you meant when referring to “prima donnas.” I think we all know who you’re talking about, but Gator Nation will tear you limb from limb if you actually let it all out. Have a great year. Just keep quiet.


Bob M said...

i agree that rainey is a bonehead, but you can't hold urban resposible for those idiotic comments you knucklehead. Go Gators!

BertReedLovesWooties said...

Agree with Bob. As a coach, you can't put a filter on a young man's mouth. You can shelter him from the media, but then people like you will complain about limiting media access.