Thursday, December 17, 2009

Top 1% Of 1%?

Recruiting season is in full swing and it looks like Florida, Florida State, Miami, and South Florida are all shaping up to once again have excellent classes. Every year there are student-athletes who become ineligible because of grades or other outside influences/circumstances. Will this season be any different?

I’m not sure if this will affect there chances of entering UF, but these pictures of highly touted defensive lineman, Leon Orr and Lynden Trail, have to make college football fans wonder, “What in the world is Urban Meyer doing?”

The Gators have been plagued with arrests since Meyer took over in ’05 and rival fans love to remind the Florida head coach about his, “Top 1% of 1%” comment, which was seriously a stupid, stupid remark. This season has not been without its lack of drama for the Gators with senior linebacker, Brandon Spikes, eye gouging a Georgia running back, as well as junior defensive end, Carlos Dunlap, getting himself suspended for the SEC Championship game for suspicion of DUI.

Before Gator fan jumps on me and says FSU and Miami were recruiting these kids too:

1. I’m impartial and could care less if they did because I’m just throwing out my opinion and…

2. Not according to my sources. Both schools eased up on their recruitment way before these pictures surfaced. I’m pretty sure it had little to do with character issues and more to do with them being pretty firm on UF.

For the sake of these kids, I honestly hope that the pictures are just a joke. I would never wish ill will on any child and I seriously expect nothing, but good things to come for these guys in the future. Still, it has to make you wonder where Meyer’s head is?

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