Friday, December 4, 2009

Mark May And Lou Holtz Are Morons

The Bobby Bowden situation has escalated exponentially. Everyone has their opinions and in no way will I judge what someone has to say, even if it is the most brainless crap I have ever heard. *coughFSUhaterscough*

I've been listening to sports talk radio, the four letter network, as well as other sports media outlets and the consensus is Florida State dropped the ball big on Bowden. Not so much for him being "forced" out the door, but the way the situation was handled.

I'm still trying to figure out what Jim Smith said that most FSU fans weren't already thinking. He actually had the guts to say it because he loves the university. He's supposed to keep quiet and allow Bowden to destroy the program? Are we, as fans and college football lovers, supposed to wait for the administration to make a move when Bobby goes 2-10, or worse? The situation was handled fine. It's hacks like Mark May and Lou Holtz that can't shut up about it.

On their college pregame show last night, Holtz and May both said that the FSU athletic department treated Bowden horribly and the administration and fans should be disgusted with themselves because without Bobby there would be no Florida State football.

No one is denying that and I know first hand that the majority of Florida State fans are extremely grateful and are saddened by the retirement of their legendary coach, but it was time.

What about Bowden prolonging the retirement and holding a university hostage? That's a noble concept. How exactly is that fair to the administration and fans? Why should a man who built a program be allowed to destroy it? Bowden was given multiple chances and he screwed up by being loyal to those who were contributing to bringing the program down.

Hiring Jeff Bowden, rehiring Amato, allowing Andrews to stay way past his time with an archaic defense, letting good coaches like Kevin Steele walk out the door. This is all under Bobby's watch. He was disloyal and now a couple of desk jockeys want to call out the admin and fans because they refuse to see it from all sides?

When you two nitwits actually get about 90% of your picks correct, I might listen to you. In the meantime, your credibility is shot.

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