Thursday, December 17, 2009

Leavitt Cleared

University of South Florida head coach, Jim Leavitt, has been cleared of allegations to choking and striking sophomore walk-on special teams player, Joel Miller. Per the St. Pete Times, Miller said, “I don't think anything should happen to him. Me and Coach Leavitt are fine. People can say different things, but he only grabbed my shoulder pads to motivate me because he's a passionate guy. He never apologized because he had nothing to apologize for.”

Who’s at fault here? A few days ago, the local media was ready to crucify Leavitt and now it comes out that he never assaulted Miller. Something seemed fishy from the get go. How in the world does something like this happen with no credible witnesses?

Miller also said that his interview with, who first broke the story, took his words out of context. Miller told USF investigators that Leavitt only grabbed him. Fanhouse has been involved in bogus stories in the past and I’m not surprised to see the same thing happening here.

Leavitt has said few words regarding the alleged altercation and wants to move on from it. I honestly feel bad for Miller who now has to answer questions about the conflicting stories floating around. I’d like to hear from his teammates. Do they have his back? Is this something they all just want to forget and move on with? What about Miller? Will he stay at USF? Is he being harassed or are people patting him on the back saying, “It’s okay?”

I’m glad the situation has been cleared up some and there are a few loose ends yet to tie, but I imagine those will be straightened within a day or so.

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