Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Does Tim Deserve To Be Criticized?

Tim Tebow has taken much notice over his four-year career at the University of Florida. He was a celebrity even before he stepped on campus. Tim was one of the most sought after high school athletes of all-time and signed his letter of intent with a team that was on the rise. Florida fans were getting tired of the Chris Leak project and most knew that Tebow fit Urban Meyer’s spread offense to the T, making for a much anticipated debut for the then freshman quarterback. Although he wasn’t considered the starter during the ’06 National Championship season, Tim had an integral role that helped the Gators achieve number 1 status.

Tim gives and contributes his time and efforts to the community and is a devout Christian. He goes over seas and participates in missionary work as well as other charitable events. He has been part of multiple academic awards teams for his stellar work in the classroom. He has been extremely successful in the college football world, winning two National Titles and a Heisman trophy. Tim plays the game the right way…full tilt and hard-nosed.

So, why is Tim Tebow hated amongst rivals and even the casual football fan? Two reasons: everyone despises the winner/good guy and the four-letter network built him up as a deity and no one likes the same material rehashed and shoved down their throats. Then why did the “World Wide Leader” take a shot at his sideline show of emotion after the SEC Championship loss?

I’m not here to rip the kid. I honestly believe he is one of the greatest college athletes to play the game and that he’ll go down in history as a top 5 collegiate quarterback. I’m taking the Devil’s Advocate position. Now, ask yourself, are Tim Tebow’s tears genuine? I ask because we have seen him do it on multiple occasions and he does it every time after a loss. Are they for show? Has he bought into his own celebrity and is he trying to exploit himself in this ever organically growing heroic tale? When is it heart felt and bona fide and when is it just being a crybaby?

We’ve seen over the years, and even recently, famous players in all sports cry on national television. Allen Iverson did it in his return to the Philadelphia 76ers. Terrell Owens has done it after a playoff loss, while defending his quarterback. Why were their tears seen as authentic and received little, if any, criticism?

The four-letter network took their shots at Tebow because they’ve now taken he stance of the “hater.” They’re trying to stir up controversy so we all have something to chat about until the bowl season arrives. If Timmy loses to Cincinnati and cries again, they’ll go ahead and have a, “We told you so…we were right” segment and justify their malicious notion. If Tim goes out on a high note, which I expect he will, the pundits will quickly change positions and return to the mythological saga again.

Gator fans should rejoice in this spotlight. At least you’re being talked about. It could be worse. You could be Miami and then no one really cares.

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Gerald said...

"Although he wasn’t considered the starter during the ’06 National Championship season, Tim had an integral role that helped the Gators achieve number 1 status."

What do you mean "he wasn't considered the starter" and "people were tired of the Chris Leak project?"

You Gator fans - or more accurately Tim Tebow fans - who try your best to erase Chris Leak from the history books in order to glorify Tebow are revolting. Chris Leak was the starting QB in 2006. He threw for 2950 yards! Tim Tebow was a role player. He had 850 yards, and a lot of that was in garbage time, like his 200 yards passing against WESTERN CAROLINA and his 140 yards against Central Florida. Even when he did get meaningful snaps, it was mostly as a short yardage back. And take away the Western Carolina game, and Tebow only completed 6 passes all year. 3 of them were TDs? Yep. 2 of them were 1 yard passes and the third was a 65 yard pass.

You folks don't even acknowledge that Chris Leak held the Florida and SEC records for total yards until Tebow broke those records this year, right? He was an outstanding player for you guys who won you a national title in 2006 as a STARTING QB who threw 23 TDs that year against the toughest schedule in the country. Compare his last year to that of Tebow, who threw for 2400 yards and 18 TDs against a much easier schedule. That's right, Leak had a better senior year than Tebow did. And you want to pretend that Tebow was actually the starting QB instead of a situational player? Ridiculous.

And if Tebow were this high character guy that everyone claims, he would come out and tell everyone to stop giving him credit for Leak's title.