Thursday, November 19, 2009

The "U" Is Back? Week 11 Review

Don't you love the media hype machine? Whenever the four letter network jumps on the "so and so team is back" bandwagon, they pray that it's true just so they can brag to everyone that they got it correct. "Oh, we called that during week 1 of the college football season." Notre Dame doesn't count because they get hyped up even during losing seasons.

The team I'd like to dog as a hyped up bust is Miami and that stupid "U" thing. Seriously, what is that? Aren't most schools the "U?" Like, University of Michigan or Auburn University?

Take it for what it's worth, but the 'Canes are not a good team. Jacory Harris, who was a Heisman candidate for some time, leads the nation in interceptions. Not exactly what I'd like to call "elite." Harris holds onto the ball too long and isn't quick enough in his decision making. The Tar Heels robbed him four times in their win against Miami.

Miami had two major staples when they were dominating teams back in the day: solid quarterback play and a ferocious defense. Neither is present. Perhaps next year, but we'll worry about that when the time comes.

Instead, we're left with the, "We're young" excuse for not winning the, what were they calling it when the 'Canes first changed conferences? The "All 'Canes Conference?" Yeah, that has worked out well, going a whopping 25-23 in conference play and never once playing in the title game since their ACC inception in 2004.

Is Shannon on the hot seat after losing to North Carolina? I'd have to say yes considering there is no consistency with this team. Miami wants to get back to the glory days and in a hurry. I'm not so sure Shannon is their guy.

Florida State came out with some fire under their tails Saturday afternoon against Wake. EJ Manuel, filling in for the injured Christian Ponder, did what he was supposed to do and that was distribute the ball to his play-makers and not turn the ball over. He did an excellent job of both.

Jimbo Fisher had a brilliant plan for his young QB. Simple out patterns, screens, play-actions passes out in the flats, and zone reads took all of the pressure off of EJ. The one interception Manuel did throw was a bad pass, but it's something to learn from. If he floats the pass over the defender's head, it's an easy score.

Jermaine Thomas was once again the day's hero, racking up over a hundred yards rushing for the third straight game. Wake's defense was so focused on Thomas that Manuel easily play-faked on multiple occasions and threw simple 5 yard passes that turned into 10 yard gains and on one instance a 50 yarder.

So, what about the defense? They must've been horrible, right? Yeah, but it was their best game of the year by far. They harrassed Wake's QB, Riley Skinner, all afternoon and picked him off twice, once in the endzone.

They could've done a better job considering FSU was up 31-7 at one point and the final score was 41-28, but we'll give Mickey and his D a pat on the back, just this once.

I want to like Florida. I really do, but when I see them struggle the way they did against an average team like South Carolina, it makes me wonder.

We all know the defense is amazing and defense most definitely wins championships, but this trying offense will hold the team back when it comes to the National Title game, and yes I believe they still make the big show. Now win it...?

UF's SEC opponents in conference play are an embarrassing 19-33. Only Georgia and LSU have winning records in the SEC on the Gators schedule. Those wins include a ten point win against 2-4 Tennessee, three point win over 2-4 Arkansas, and ten point win over 3-5 South Carolina. Are the Gators playing to their level of competition? If so, that's a recipe for major disaster. Or maybe Florida isn't as good as advertised.

The defense will hold the team together because it's too late in the season for the offense to figure things out. The dropped balls (I'll go ahead and smile for calling out that debacle) is killing this potentially ready to explode Florida offense.

Timmy will probably win the Heisman based on the dominating performances he'll have against FIU and a horrible Florida State defense and I'm sure the Gators will fix a couple of their offensive woes before the match-up against Alabama. If they don't and we continue to see dropped balls and missed assignments on offense, Florida's not going to Pasadena. Count on it.

Starters will be sitting down by halftime as Florida rolls FIU, Miami rebounds against Duke, USF crushes Louisville, and Florida State beats Maryland. Enjoy an astonishing college football weekend!

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