Friday, November 6, 2009

Spikes A Leader?

The situation with Brandon Spikes has now turned into a full on circus. If you don't know what has happened, let me recap...

Senior linebacker Brandon Spikes was going to be suspended for a half against Vandy for attempting to eye gouge, and potentially fish-hook, Georgia running back Washaun Ealey. Now, Spikes, not wanting to be a distraction to his team, has imposed a self, full-game suspension against the mighty Commodores. Yeah, totally done discreetly and without distraction.

A few things here:

Spikes has been hampered by a groin injury for the past few weeks and it showed in his play against Georgia. Although the defense was beyond dominating, it was obvious Spikes was somewhat slowed. Are we even positive that this "self" suspension isn't a way to kill two birds with one stone. The lies and secrecy within college football runs deep and for all we know Spikes is trying to make himself look good and heal up for the championship stretch. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but it is rather coincidental.

I'm not going to give Spikes any props or recognition because he's doing what he's supposed to do. The young man probably should've gotten two games, but Meyer felt it necessary to discipline him for a half and the SEC agreed. I'm cool with that. But to say that he's a leader for applying a whole game suspension on himself is laughable. I'm supposed to do my taxes. I'm supposed to go to work. I'm supposed to obey the law. Why aren't I a leader? Why am I not celebrated for doing the things I'm supposed to do? Way to go Brandon for accepting your role as a true "leader." Men that don't cheat on their wives think you're a real inspiration.

Brandon Spikes is a tremendous athlete with limitless potential. He'll go in the 1st round of this spring's NFL draft and this will all blow over. No one will care. I think people miss the point. These student-athletes are held to a higher standard for multiple reasons. One of which is because children look up to them as a way to escape their current lives. They strive to be like a Brandon Spikes to get away from the broken down homes and bad neighborhoods that may otherwise discourage them from even wanting to go to school or college. Urban Meyer and the SEC missed a golden opportunity to prove that no one is higher than the other in college football. By suspending him for a half, Meyer shows that eye gouging is no worse than missing class or showing up late for practice.

There's no taking it back now. This distraction has gone from bad to ridiculous very quickly and it all could've easily been avoided.


Adam Dworakowski said...

The media has blown this way out of proportion. If this was an FSU player, it would have gotten zero attention. Because it's spikes on the defending champs and no 1 team in the country, it's gotten out of hand. What else is spikes supposed to do? He made a mistake, appologized for it, and extended his own suspension. I'm sure the media has never made a mistake in their lives that they regretted...

Andre said...

What is Brandon Spikes to do? This is a classic case of you're damned if you do, or you're damned if you don't. Don't sing his praises if he does what he is suppose to, but you can not rake him back over the coals for it either. Everyone said the half game suspension should have been a full game suspension. Now that he is sitting out the game he should have gotten two? I suppose if he would have gotten two games you would then feel like he shouldn’t be eligible for the NFL draft.