Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Is This Really 'Rivalry' Week? Week 12 Review

It sounds cool and everything, but when I think of rivals, I think of two teams that absolutely despise one another. I think of contests that end in last second, game-winning field goals. I think of blood, guts, and mayhem.

I really don't think of that final aforementioned item. I thought it sounded cool.

Florida v Florida State is no longer a "rivalry." It's too one-sided. And it's not one-sided like Florida's been winning by 6 points or less. Florida has won the last five and has outscored the Seminoles 111-41 the past three games with the closest game being in Tallahassee back in '06, which ended 21-14. The 'Noles have embarrassed themselves the past two attempts by scoring one touchdown in 8 quarters.

This is a rivalry? This is an ass beating of epic proportions and it's not something I see switching anytime soon.

Regardless, the game will go on and I don't think FSU's just going to hand Florida anything. The Swamp will be electric and the Gators will want to win Timmy's last home game, but you have to wonder if Florida's looking forward to next weekend's SEC Championship game against 'Bama or if they decide to play to their level of competition like they have most of the season.

I know I just ranted on about how Florida's going to trash the 'Noles, but I honestly didn't watch much of the FIU v Florida game. Unless you're a major Gator honk, that game was boring. I understand why it's scheduled and I think it's the smart thing to do having a warm-up before the SEC Title game, but watching Tebow and Spikes spank the hapless just isn't fun to me.

Now the 'Noles game, on the other hand, was brilliant. Only Florida State can squeak by a 2 win Maryland team.

Defensively, FSU did their jobs. Maryland isn't exactly an offensive juggernaut, but they do have player-makers on the offensive side of the ball. Florida State didn't have much luck keeping Scott, Maryland's ace running back, in check, but they did enough to make sure he didn't break their spirits. After all, this was Mickey's last home game and his defense was not going to embarrass.

EJ Manuel had what appeared to be an awful game, but after further review, the young signal caller got hosed by his own players. Jarmon Fortson had a sure fire touchdown that he dropped. Two plays later, EJ throws a pick that almost went for six. Manuel's two other interceptions came on receivers either falling down or running the wrong route. You can clearly see Jimbo on the sidelines going nuts, not on Manuel, but on Bert Reed. The more these young guys play together, the deadlier they become.

Still, having to win at the last minute against the worst team in the ACC doesn't strike confidence in 'Nole fans.

Sweet fan base too, 'Noles. I couldn't tell if that was Doak or the Orange Bowl. Speaking of that dump...

Miami beat Duke. Barely.

Moving on...

The Bulls showed a ton of heart with their win over Louisville. The Cardinals have an explosive offense and it showed when they racked up 16 quick unanswered points in the second quarter. USF didn't do their lay down and die trick that they've been acting on this season. Instead, the defense rose to the occasion holding the Cardinals to 6 points in the second half and 144 yards of total offense.

I'll give credit to BJ Daniels, but it's seriously tough for me considering Louisville is horrible defensively. BJ had a monster game rushing for 141 yards and crossing the goal line twice as well as passing for 304 yards with 1 passing TD. This is a major confidence boost going into the game with the Hurricanes. Who knows, maybe we'll have another "rivalry" on our hands.

I truly believe the South Florida v Miami game will be a close one and either team can pull it out, but I think Miami's offensive line will be the difference as the 'Canes win a close one in Ray Jay.

The Seminoles will come out hard with a ton of energy in the first quarter, but will quickly breakdown due to zero depth on the defensive side of the ball. Florida will most likely have back-ups in to start the fourth quarter as the Gators easily makes it six in a row and conquer the 'Noles.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and enjoy "rivalry" week!

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