Friday, November 13, 2009

Is FSU An Afterthought? Week 10 Review

In memory of a brilliant writer and great friend. I know she'll be critiquing this and laughing at me from heaven. Thank you for helping me become a better writer. Rest in peace, Mallory. Say, "Hi" to my pops for me.

I'm just going to skip over Miami this week. I'm sorry, but I don't find anything they do really compelling. They beat up on a horrid Virginia team in the second half. In the first half, the Cavaliers were keeping pace with Miami and that should definitely worry Hurricane fans. Harris wasn't spectacular and the run game is still missing. Why would I want to talk about them?

I'll give it to their young defense though. Way to keep the Cav's 119th ranked offense at bay.

I'm going to shoot straight from the hip and just say it: Florida did not impress me one bit this past Saturday. This, "play to your level of competition" thing is getting old.

Here's my question to you: hypothetically speaking, if Florida wins out in the regular season, but loses to 'Bama in the SEC Championship Game, do they deserve to go to a BCS bowl game over an undefeated TCU?

TCU has a harder schedule than the Gators and have been playing much better football than them too. As we all know, the BCS looks for style points, which, in my opinion, Florida is not racking up, struggling against teams like Vandy.

It's just a question. Don't get all huffy...

And can someone point me out to another receiver on this Florida team other than Aaron Hernandez? If defenses were capable of covering this kid, Tim would have no one to throw to.

Is there a more embarrassing spectacle than Florida State football right now? Mickey Andrews announces his retirement and you'd think something of that magnitude would motivate this lethargic ball club, but it had the direct opposite effect.

Christian Ponder, who was FSU's only beacon of light, is out for the season with a bum shoulder after having his worst game in a Seminole uniform. Part of the loss to Clemson falls on his shoulders. No pun intended. Yes, the defense was atrocious, but they've been awful all season.

Ponder's four picks, at least three of them with no pressure, and two of them directly to the opposition, are not Maxwell numbers. I've been hyping this kid up from day one and everyone is entitled to a bad game, but this was a devastating blow for the program. Win at Clemson and ACC Title hopes are alive. Now, we here in Tampa get to enjoy yet another empty stadium at Ray Jay. Absolutely embarrassing.

The highly recruited and talented, redshirt freshman, EJ Manuel steps in for the injured Ponder. I fully expect Jimbo to run the ball and throw a ton of short screens to help the young signal caller out. Good thing Jermaine Thomas has broken back-to-back 100 yard games. The 'Noles will need to rely on Thomas as well as the offensive line for help.

Bulls fans, after watching last night's game, I have come to the conclusion that, not only are you not part of any "Big 4," but you're not even a good football team.

Is Leavitt to blame? Yes. He's been out-coached and throttled by Schiano and Rutgers for two straight seasons. When will the athletic department at South Florida realize this guy will not get you over the hump?

If USF fans are satisfied with going 7-5, 8-4 and going to 2nd and 3rd tier bowl games every season then Leavitt is your man.

If I'm the AD, I try my tail off to hire Charlie Strong to get this Bulls team in the championship direction. Strong already recruits the hell out of Florida, especially the Bay area. With FSU down this season and possibly next, he'll get the kids that are wavering between the two schools.

You want to piss off Florida? Do everything possible and hire Charlie Strong.

Miami hasn't won in North Carolina and it doesn't start now, Florida State gets rocked by a bad Wake Forest team, and Florida cruises past Spurrier and the Cocks. Have a wonderful weekend!

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Andre said...

Fact or Fiction? Last week you said that Brandon Spikes was hampered by his groin injury and it showed against Georgia. The only problem with that is statistically Spikes played his second best game of the season. Now you say that TCU has a harder schedule than the Gators? TCU’s strength of schedule is ranked 42nd nationally where the Gators SOS is ranked 15th. I do not contest that an undefeated TCU should have a shot at a BCS game if the Gators were to lose, but if you are going to make bold statements such as these at least back them up with something factual.