Thursday, October 8, 2009

Should Timmy Play? Week 5 Review

The LSU v Florida game has been watered down due to the uncertainty of Tim Tebow's status for the Saturday night showdown. Personally, I say sit the young man. It's now Thursday and the doctors have yet to clear him. Tell him to throw on the sweats, cheer on and coach up his teammates, and make sure Brantley gets all of the reps and up to par for the game.

It's not worth risking a young man's health and potentially life. Tebow leads with his head when he initiates contact on his scrambles, and if he plays he will scramble. It's just what he does. It has nothing to do with LSU's pass rush.

Hopefully, Urban Meyer and the University will do the right thing. If Florida's as good as they say they are, they should win with Brantley. The kid has the tools and the talent surrounding him. Let Tim rest. Let us see what John can do.

South Florida played a sloppy 1st half of football against the 'Cuse. I watched the game thinking, "They're going to have the 'Big Game' hangover," but the Bulls came out firing in the 2nd half, absolutely dominating the Orange.

That's not to say the Bulls were without negatives. Their secondary got burned by Mike Williams for a ton of receiving yards. Williams just out-athleted USF's secondary. Cincinnati has 2 or 3 guys just like Williams. Leavitt ought to have that corrected by next Thursday.

BJ Daniels looked excellent. We knew he could scramble, but his arm is incredible. He was extremely poised in the pocket and when the pocket did collapse, he was able to evade defenders while still looking down field for the open receiver. That young man will be a superstar before his time's done at USF.

And Bulls fan, I'm sorry, but you're not part of any "Big 4." Yes, you beat Florida State on their home field. This may be the worst FSU team in 30 years. Not something to brag about. Beat Miami later this season, win your conference, beat Florida next season, compete for a National Title and maybe, just maybe, you can include yourself in a Big 4 conversation. In the meantime, you're still nobodies.

The 'Canes shocked me with their want-to. Oklahoma was more physical and aggressive in the 1st half, but the 2nd half was all Miami. They never quit or faltered. The 'Canes kept grinding it out for a way to win.

Jacory Harris went from looking awful against Va Tech to regaining his All-Conference form versus the Sooners. Yes, I said All-Conference. He's not that good yet people. I'll eat major crow if he's invited to New York, but I seriously doubt that happens.

The running game and defense were the real winners during UM's victory. They had Oklahoma off balance and tired by the end of the game.

Florida State has lost it's heart. When teams lose close games like that it's not because of lack of talent or coaching. It's all about leadership, which is something that hasn't been displayed at FSU for 8 or 9 years.

Ponder was once again excellent, but he can't do it by himself. The 'Noles are seriously struggling running the ball and that was supposed to be their strength this season. In the one game this season they dominated, they ran the ball very effectively. They've been shut down every other game.

Florida State is awful defensively and I place the blame on Mickey Andrews and his staff. It looks like the kids are unprepared and lost. That's coaching.

If this team wants to stop itself from going 3-9, a leader must emerge. I personally don't see one in sight.

I'll comment on the Bowden fiasco on my next blog and I think some of you may be surprised.

Miami cruises past FAMU, Florida State, with multiple distractions, gets hammered and ran all over for 400 plus yards versus Georgia Tech, and Florida, with Brantley at the helm, wins a squeaker up in Baton Rouge. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


Hank said...

You're falling into the same crowd as Gary Shelton and Gregg Doyel. What these two failed to realize or even research, was that according to medical and concussion experts, once a concussion victim is symptom free for the prescribed amount of time and has been cleared to play, he is good to go. Extra rest is worthless and unnecessary. If he is cleared to play, he should and will play. If he is not, then he won't. But resting for the sake of extra rest is worthless.

Mooch said...

I disagree Hank, and I think Al Toon does too!!!! :)