Friday, October 2, 2009

Is USF For Real? Week 4 Review

Florida State walks into Provo with slim hopes of upsetting then #7 BYU and comes out victorious. Not only did the 'Noles win, they absolutely trounced a ranked team on their turf.

South Florida should be a walk in the park, right? The Seminoles were honoring the '99 National Champion team before the game. The "White Out" was well received and represented. USF was breaking in a freshman quarterback making his very first start, on the road, nonetheless. Easy, right?

FSU may have lost by 10, but it felt like 100.

That might be one of the most embarrassing losses in FSU history. Wake came into Doak a few years ago and skunked the 'Noles and even that wasn't as horrible as this. At least Jeff Bowden called it quits after the Deacon's stomped Florida State. Who's to blame for this loss?

I'm not even sure where to begin or what to comment on. Florida State's offensive line got man-handled by USF's front four. Ponder had little time to throw, but when he did have time he connected.

Ponder fought hard through this game. That young man has the heart of a fighter and refuses to quit. That's why it has to be disheartening for Seminole fans to see his receivers fumble the ball 4 times, twice while in scoring position, and watch his offensive line play turnstile. The 'Noles were at USF's 1 yard line and couldn't punch it in on 4 attempts.

Greg Reid was another person playing hard. He single handily brought the 'Noles back to life.

And if the rumors about Jimbo and Amato fighting in front of the players are true, this season will be a dark one, Seminoles.

Don't get me wrong. South Florida played a great game. BJ Daniels is a heck of a runner. Yes, I said runner. His passing skills need to develop immensely. He got a couple of balls picked that went right to the corners and he should have had a couple of more. The deep ball he hit for a touchdown isn't something for USF fans to hang their hats on. Every team this season has burned that FSU secondary.

Defensively, USF is for real. Their corners made every tackle. Leavitt obviously has tons of faith in his cornerbacks because they were giving the Seminole receivers 10 yard cushions on every down. If they miss a tackle on one of those simple curl routes, it's a 40, 50 yard gain every time. They were solid tacklers and did a fantastic job.

Something I didn't like in this game was Leavitt and his chop/cut blocking. It happened several times during the game and was only flagged once. Florida State defensive tackle, Jaccobi McDaniel, stormed off of the field fuming at a non chop block call. On the replays, you clearly see BJ Daniels 30 yards down field from where McDaniel was and Hermann, USF's guard, chops McDaniels at the knees while he's not looking. Cheap and dangerous, but I'm not surprised coming from a Leavitt coached kid.

All and all, Florida State got their butts handed to them by an inferior team. I don't foresee this 'Nole team winning another game this season if they play like that.

Miami had all of the momentum in the world. The team looked like they were coming back. Harris was a Heisman candidate, correct? The "U" was back, right?

They choked...

I said it earlier this season that if Miami didn't fix that soft defense, well-coached teams like Va Tech were going to crush them. Don't I look dumb.

Virginia Tech applied pressure onto Harris all afternoon. He had zero time and when he did have time he overthrew the football. The running game was stagnant because Maimi was playing from behind and that all-world offensive line (I'll be the first to admit I thought they were honestly one of the best in the nation) got beat by a faster, more physical Hokie d line.

It doesn't get easier for the 'Canes with Oklahoma coming to Miami.

I don't have much to comment on the Florida game other than I was praying for Tim Tebow. Let me preface this with saying that the hit Tebow took was legal. I keep hearing from Gator fans that it was a cheap shot and it would've been a fine in the NFL. I disagree on both counts, but I don't see how any of your incessant whining will heal Tim any faster.

That young man is a warrior and I'm sure will bounce back and be 100%. I hope the coaching staff monitors him closely because concussions can be a very tricky thing. They might go away in a day or linger for the rest of your life. I pray for a speedy and healthy recovery.

The only comment I have to say on the Kentucky game is UF's defense may be one of the best I've seen ever. I know it's Kentucky, but the Gator defense was flying and hitting. They are well-disciplined and don't allow big plays.

As for Brantley, he's very talented, but he's not Tebow.

That's all I've got, kiddos. Miami wins a close one versus Oklahoma, South Florida loses to the fighting Paulus' errrr Syracuse, and Florida State loses at Boston College. Enjoy a great a football festive weekend!

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