Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Is UF's Addazio In Over His Head? Week 8 Review

It's no secret that the University of Florida Gators have looked sluggish, to say the least, these past few weeks. The once revered offense looks mediocre and predictable with little energy and Tim Tebow has been less than "super."

In Tim's five SEC contests this season, he's an okay 63%, 734 yards passing with only three touchdowns to four interceptions. His rushing yards are incredible though, racking up 97 yards rushing per SEC game with four scores.

I'm not placing the blame on Tim at all. If anything, he's the reason Florida's winning. If Hernandez is covered, Tim runs and picks up the 1st down. If Tim sees a wide open Thompson, Tim double clutches and runs for a 1st down.

The offense is stale and on the brink of exploding any game now, but why the set backs? What's different?

Steve Addazio, UF's offense line coach and new offensive coordinator, might've bit off more than he can swallow taking the coordinating position. This talent laden team has regressed offensively since he's taken the reigns and the players, most notably Tebow, have taken notice. It's tough having to adjust your o-line and game plan during the game. Why do you think UF's offensive line, which returns nearly everyone from a season ago, has been getting beat by lesser talent? Addazio's struggling coaching up his line as well as making the proper adjustments on offense. In SEC play, the Gator offense averages 382 yards and nearly 26 points per game, but against competition with a 51% winning percentage. Not exactly domination.

Going back to Tim for a moment: young man, if you want to make it in the NFL, you can't have these sulking sessions on the sideline and you cannot leave the stadium while not addressing the media. That'll lighten your pocket and piss off your teammates. You're young with incredible talent and leadership, but it's time to get serious before this team gets itself into trouble and who do you think they're all looking to?

Don't get me wrong, UF fan. You'll win the National Title on talent and will alone. I wouldn't doubt if it was a frustrating road though. Heck, just use the ancient Chinese proverb during times like these: scoreboard.

This was an extremely busy week for me, so I have to jump straight to this weekend's predictions and I'll finish the rest of the review tomorrow. Why not just do the whole thing tomorrow? Because some Big East team plays tonight.

Miami upends and dominates at Wake, South Florida loses tonight at home against West Virginia, Florida State loses their homecoming game against North Carolina State, and Florida........wins the "Adult Beverage Fiesta" by a close margin over rival Georgia.

Week 8 Review, to be continued...

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Andre said...

Wow! As much as I hate to say it that was pretty accurate. Addazio has to tighten his game up soon or Florida could be in some serious trouble.