Thursday, October 15, 2009

Is Mickey Andrews The Root Of FSU's Troubles? Week 6 Review

The Seminole's were absolutely man-handled by a team with lesser athletes and better coaching. Sound familiar? It has been FSU's tale all season. I know they lost by 5, but the defense gave up 49 points. How in the world does a team score 44 points and lose?

Florida State led in every statistical categories, except rushing, which Georgia Tech should have had the advantage in considering they're an old school, wing-T, triple option team.

Tech's style of offense is strictly a run-oriented offense. If you want an explanation on the wing-T, triple option Google it. Now, I said "run-oriented." The Yellow Jackets were slinging the ball, deep, with incredible results. That's embarrassing.

The 'Noles held onto the ball for most of the game. I'm sure everyone is getting tired of reading this because I'm getting tired of writing it, but Christian Ponder was beyond phenomenal and is a top 5 quarterback in the NCAA. Statistically, he's even better than Saint Tebow. We won't hear Ponder's name on Heisman ballots due to a lousy 2-4 record.

Even the run game held it's own. The offensive line was crushing Georgia Tech defender's off of the line and supplying gaping holes for Jermaine Thomas and Lonnie Pryor to run through. Clock management was not an issue, especially when FSU's defense was allowing for 2 play scoring drives.

The Yellow Jackets had multiple scoring drives that consisted of 3 or less plays. Defensively, the 'Noles were beyond horrible and looked like a lost high school team. To me, the blame is on Mickey Andrews and his staff for not preparing his kids better. Andrews had some ridiculous excuse about how his players are too young to make the necessary in-game adjustments in the second half. He also alluded (and I've heard fans say this too) that his team isn't as "talented" as past defenses. Let us pretend for a moment that's true. How does one explain missed tackles and assignments on Tech's basic plays? There were times when a Yellow Jacket runner wasn't even touched. We know the Seminoles recruit talent. Almost every kid on that defense was recruited by Florida, Texas, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma, and so on. Are you trying to tell me that they got it all wrong too?

I will agree that tackling is the players an extent. When you see it every week that means it isn't being corrected. That's coaching.

Weekly missed tackles, bad adjustments, missed assignment, discipline, and a lack of passion is all coaching. Fire and energy may not be coachable, but it's something that's mimicked by players via the coordinator. This defense looks lethargic and bored. Much like Mickey who resembles someone who can't wait for this season to end so he can retire.

Tim Tebow was the story coming into the Florida v LSU game, but he wasn't the story. The story was these two monster defenses and the way they handled each other. Both teams struggled to move the ball consistently and the game was decided by one great pass from Timmy to Cooper.

I must admit I held my breath during some of the blows Tebow took throughout the game, and there were a bunch of solid hits. Tim came out like a champ though. Florida's game plan wasn't as stellar as past game plans. Usually Meyer has something special drawn up for these types of games, but UF was very vanilla. The stretch option play was useless because the LSU defenders knew Tim wasn't going to keep the ball himself due to his concussion, but they continued to run it.

The casual spectator sees unsuccessful, short yardage runs as a waste of time, but the Gators were wearing LSU out. The Tigers had to respect the run and that's why Cooper was able to run past LSU cornerback, Jai Eugene, for the touchdown because the safety was looking inside for the run. Eugene had zero help behind him.

The real MVP of this contest was Florida's defense, which continues to amaze. They held the Tigers to 3 points and terrorized LSU quarterback, Jordan Jefferson, all night.

No one touches UF the rest of the season, not even Alabama, if they play them in the SEC Championship Game, and they should cruise past everyone for back-to-back National Titles.

I can't give any opinion on the Miami game as I just didn't care to watch it or get info. Sorry, 'Cane fans. I knew it'd be a blow out and your team would handle itself accordingly, unlike another in-state school.

Miami demolishes UCF, Florida, whose defense will be tested by a potent Arkansas offense, wins in a shoot-out, Florida State gets crushed by -bye week-, and South Florida loses at home to Cincinnati. Have a wonderful weekend!

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