Friday, August 7, 2009

Vol Fan Beware

My buddy and I are having a cold brew, chatting up sports, when two young ladies approach us and introduce themselves as Tennessee Volunteer fans. We, being enormous college football fans, welcome the conversation and, to my amazement, were very knowledgeable even though they had some harsh and vulgar words towards the University of Florida, Steve Spurrier, UF players and fans. Glass houses. We've all said something horrible about our rivals at one point or another and you're full of it if you say you otherwise.

My friend and I politely excuse ourselves and we go our separate ways.

As we approach our destination, my pal says to me, "I wouldn't go to the Swamp if I were a Vol fan this season." I look at him inquisitively and he answers, "Because, Gator fans are going to take it out on Volunteer fans even though they have no control as to what Lane Kiffin says."

I've been on University Avenue in Gainesville and have seen Gator fans throw eggs at cars with Vol stickers and license plates during the annual showdown. I've seen first hand the mayhem that ensues before, during, and after this SEC East rivalry game.

My buddy brought up an interesting and true observation; the sheer pent up rage within Gator Nation due to Kiffin's idiocy will likely awaken hate out of the calmest of Gator fan and the already spiteful, drunken fan will turn to abhorrence and action.

The media has built this up. The fans talking about, "Oh, I can't wait for September 19th! Kiffin's going to get it!" around town have kept it alive. The dorks on the message boards are ready to take their Star Wars helmets off and reveal their true selves and throw down.

I honestly believe something terrible will happen to Vol fans if they show up to this game and it isn't even their fault. They'll be harassed when all they're trying to do is enjoy a beautiful day in Florida and watch a potentially great game. Harassment will turn to defense, which will undoubtedly turn to egregious hostility with mothers screaming, "This is ridiculous! I have my children with me," but her voice will fall on deaf ears because fans have to inflate their chests and aggravate one another because Kiffin and his detractors cannot shut up and watch football.

I don't care who starts it, please, I implore you, show some civility and lets enjoy a solid stomping on the football field and not on the streets. Thank you.

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