Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Challenge

It's such a tried and tired argument that the SEC is by far the premier conference in college football, but last season brought up an interesting conundrum. The ACC, head-to-head with the mighty SEC, went 5 and 5...5 and 3 during the regular season. SEC fan tries to ignore this or spin this fact with ridiculous justifications.

I'm not disputing the SEC is the best conference, but why is it the best conference? They recruit the same kids the rest of college football recruits, they have their bottom-dwellers, they have their fair share of upsets, which is becoming more and more frequent, so why are they so much more prestigious than every other conference?

My favorite excuse from SEC elitist is, "Well, we beat up on each other, making us a better conference."


What a stupid answer. So, the ACC and Pac-10 don't beat up on one another?

This is where the Challenge comes in. I'll be monitoring the three major conferences in the State of Florida and how they stack up against one another. SEC v ACC, ACC v Big East, and Big East v SEC.

My personal prediction? We'll find out the SEC isn't all it's cracked up to be against opponents outside their conference.

Hate on me all you want and I'll be more than happy to accept being incorrect if the SEC "dominates" the way SEC homer will certifiably forecast, but I know, as well as the rest of the country knows, SEC fan will never, and I mean NEVER admit to being wrong even if the numbers prove so.

The Challenge:
(I'll update scores as the season progresses...bowl games TBD)


September 3rd- South Carolina v North Carlina State
September 5th- Alabama v Virginia Tech
October 3rd- Georgia Tech v Mississippi State
October 31st- Georgia Tech v Vanderbilt
November 28th- Clemson v South Carolina
Georgia v Georgia Tech
Florida State v Florida

ACC v Big East

September 12th- North Carolina v Conneticut
September 26th- South Florida v Florida State
Rutgers v Maryland
Pittsburgh v North Carolina State
November 28th- Miami v South Florida

Big East v SEC

September 19th- Louisville v Kentucky
West Virginia v Auburn

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