Friday, July 31, 2009

Pre Season Collegiate Football Predictions- University of South Florida

It's that time of year again where we're all getting geared up and prepped for college football. Is there a better feeling than waking up Saturday morning, cracking a cold brew while devouring some cereal, and watching those three morons errrrrrrr experts on ESPN? Oh, wait, there's four of them now, right?

It's so close and I, for one, am getting antsy yet excited.

So, I'm going to go ahead and give my predictions on the programs in the State of Florida. Well, not all of the programs. Just the important ones. And, no, I don't claim to be an "expert" or "guru," so shut your trap if one of my predictions doesn't happen to come true.

First up, the University of South Florida:

I hate to say this, but USF's schedule looks tough. Okay, okay, I know they play three ridiculously easy games, but after that it's no picnic.

They'll enter Doak 3 and 0 on September 26 to face their in-state rivals, the Florida State Seminoles. This is the first time these two teams will meet, so it should be interesting. If USF wants to be taken seriously they have to either win or give the 'Noles all they can handle. I don't see them pulling this off though. FSU has too many athletes and the extra incentive to not get beaten by the little school in Tampa. I think the Bulls start fast, but FSU's speed and depth wear them out.

The only sure fire winnable game I see after this is at Syracuse. Everything else really is a toss up.

Cincinnati, @Pitt, West Virginia, @Rutgers, Louisville, and @UConn is no simple task for the Bulls. @Pitt is intriguing and may not be too cold yet for the boys in Tampa, but @Rutgers and @UConn will be too much for the kids from a warm-weather state. Plus, I think USF will be too exhausted after taking on Miami the week before UConn.

Cincinnati seems to always give the Bulls fits and the Bulls tend to do the same for the Mountaineers. I see them winning both as the home field should benefit the Bulls.

My upset prediction: USF over the University of Miami on Novermber 28th. I think the Bulls will be jacked up for that game and Ray Jay will be rocking with Gold and Green. Plus, it'll be Selvie and Grothe's last game in Tampa.

My team to potentially upset the Bulls: Rutgers over USF on November 12th. Forget the cold; the Bulls will be working with a shortened week and they have to travel. Never an easy task.

Player to watch out for: DE George Selvie, of course. This kid could've been a 1st rounder, but came back to finish out his collegiate career.

Player to watch out for: MLB Kion Wilson. Big, thumping middle linebacker with good speed and awareness in coverage.

Final Predictions:

Wofford- W
@W. Kentucky- W
Charleston Southern- W
@Florida State- L
@Syracuse- W
Cincinnati- W
@Pittsburgh- L
West Virginia- W
@Rutgers- L
Louisville- W
Miami- W
@UConn- L

8-4 and a possible contention for the Big East Title, but unlikely.

I'll do the University of Miami next...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Spurrier Snubs Tim

I apologize for lack of indendations for every paragraph. I'm still trying to figure Blogger out.

You know it’s the off-season when the media’s hyping something so idiotic and minute as “The Old Ball Coach” not voting for Tim Tebow as the Preseason 1st team All SEC quarterback. Seriously, when will football get here?

For those that don't know the story (and you call yourself a sports fan?) former University of Florida legend and current University of South Carolina Coach, Steve Spurrier, "accidentally" voted for Ole Miss quarterback Jevan Snead over University of Florida quarterback, and former Heisman winner, Tim Tebow for the SEC's top QB spot in the preseason polls.

It’s Spurrier’s prerogative whom he votes for. I was under the impression that this vote was anonymous. If Spurrier feels Timmy isn’t the best QB in the SEC then that’s his deal. The whole country knows Tebow is the best quarterback and possibly the best athlete in college football. Why does it have to be justified on paper?

We’ve all seen this young man’s body of work. Shouldn’t that be enough? Football is still played on the field and not in polls, right?

Now, Gator fans feel betrayed and upset that their most recognizable player in the history of their program isn’t the unanimous decision on paper due to their former beloved coach. Who cares?

Spurrier’s arrogance bit off more than it can chew by taking on the NFL and failing then believing he could turn a bad South Carolina team around. The game has passed him by and his credibility crumbled years ago. Yet, Florida fan is irate. Who has had more success over the last 3 seasons? ‘Nuff said.

Florida’s got more important things to worry about, namely an SEC and National Title defense. Oh, and embarrassing Lane Kiffin and his Vols.

I know Gator fan has to hear it over and over. They love the reaffirmation that they have the best team, best program, best players, et cetera. Leave it alone, people. Timmy’s the best and Steve-O was the man responsible for your initial rise to prominence. No vote necessary.