Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gators Overtake State

Let me preface this with I am not a University of Florida graduate, nor am I a Gator honk. As a matter of fact, I could care less if UF goes 0-12. Heck, it’ll make for an incredible story if they do.

Now that we have that out of the way, I’m going to say something that’s going to piss the rest of the state, and probably the rest of the country, off. And it’s not like most of the fans in the State of Florida don’t already know what I’m about to say…

There’s UF and then there’s no one else.

I’m sorry, Seminole fans. The Gators have way too much firepower and a defense that’ll be nearly impossible to score on this upcoming season. Defenses like theirs is what used to be the FSU staple. The ‘Noles were fast, hard-hitting, vaunted, and terrifying. They threw their bodies around with blatant disregard and were known for knocking the opposing quarterbacks out of games [insert whiny Gator fan here…“They kept hitting Danny!”] Florida State could substitute at any time and not skip a beat. Now, they’re run upon with ease. UF’s defense is what other university’s strive to be like now. Mickey Andrews is no Charlie Strong. Not anymore.

I do apologize, Hurricane fans. Although your program has a storied past with a rich tradition, UF has taken such a stronghold over the state that no one cares. Irving, Kelly, Kosar, Barrow, and Sapp are all names of the distant past. Your last National Championship was nearly 10 years ago and it isn’t talked about nowhere near as much as it used to be and I don’t foresee a title within the next couple of seasons. You guys haven’t even sniffed an ACC Title yet. That’s embarrassing. The Gators are building an incredible tradition of their own. One it had, and lost, but has definitely now regained. One that won’t be lost until Meyer decides to step down or leave, which, I anticipate, neither will happen. Oh, and UF will overtake UM as NFL U. Give it time.

Just stay out of this one, USF fans. You guys can actually make a peep when you win a Big East Title. Until then, just kind of hang out and try and admire what Urban Meyer and company create.

It’s the perfect storm. UF recruits elite athletes and has the coaches to maximize their potential. It’s not that FSU and Miami are getting nobodies, but their players are certainly not being utilized and developed the way Urban Meyer and company do for their kids. Just look at players like running back Leon Washington of Florida State, now with the New York Jets, and linebacker Rocky McIntosh of Miami, now with the Washington Redskins. Both players were decent for their respective schools and now they thrive in the NFL. Why weren’t they a bigger impact? I’m glad most of you fans are happy that they are doing so well in the NFL, but we’re talking college ball here. What went wrong? It’s coaching. The Gators have it. The other schools in the state want it and need it badly before they’ll get anywhere ever again.

So, before you tell yourself, ‘Nole and ‘Cane fans, that you’ll make a run at the Gators once certain players leave, think again. They’ll easily plug in holes as long as they’re still recruiting the best and still coaching them up. If your teams want to make a run, you better hope UF’s coaching staff gets dismantled.

I’m sorry, Florida State and Miami fans. They may be obnoxious and arrogant, but Gator fans have every right to boast today. And tomorrow. And for the upcoming seasons. I can see how it’s absolutely frustrating, but until your schools make the necessary changes, UF controls Florida, and the rest of the country, for a long, long time.